Why was Dragon in Logue Town?

Today we talk about the Revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon. In particular WHY he was at Logue Town.

THIS is always ignored in EVERY theory I have seen about Dragon. People always talk about his Devil Fruit and his past in the Marines but not why he was in Logue Town. I think I can solve that puzzle. It’s simple actually. The mystery man explains it right here. He was there BECAUSE of Luffy. Is it really that simple? Yes, it is. Creative, right?
How do I know that? Because of the line above. “A pirate? That’s fine, TOO…”

“Too”? Why “too”? I tell you why. It’s because he wanted to make him a Revolutionary. He just found out he became a pirate and said that’s fine, TOO. How did he find out? Luffy just got his first bounty. But that’s not all. Why was Dragon there? He just happened to be there and Luffy just became a pirate and that’s it? How likely is that? Sure, luck in hindsight doesn’t exist and probability is only useful for future events but I think there is more to it.

Dragon went from Baltigo TO THE EAST BLUE! WHY!?!?!? He wanted to take Luffy finally to him. Make him a Revolutionary like him. Then on the way to the Goa Kingdom he saw the wanted poster and got happy because LUFFY beat him to the punch. He already was what he wanted to be. Someone who thinks for himself and not a Government dog like Garp wanted.

Did that sound totally plausible and way more likely than they just “happen” to meet there? Tell me about it!

*Theory by Donal D. Trump

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