Gol D. Roger arrives at Laugh Tale and finds the ONE PIECE!

Recently we saw the Roger Pirates’ revisiting Water 7 and Fish-Man Island and them passing through Tequila Wolf and Sabaody Archipelago. By the time they reached Water 7, Roger had gotten a copy of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph.

Then the Roger Pirates visited Zou. Zou’s Road Poneglyph was the last one Roger found.

At Fish-Man Island, the Roger Pirates encountered Neptune, who was already acquainted with Roger.
Roger met a young Shyarly, who could already make predictions of the future at age 3. One of her prophecies involved a “day of disaster” that would happen after Shirahoshi’s birth. She also told Gol D. Roger that Poseidon would be born in ten years.

Roger also learned about the prophecy that Fish-Man Island would one day return to the surface.
It is revealed that, at least during Roger’s journey, a Road Poneglyph was located at the Sea Forest next to the one with Joy Boy’s apology.

Sometime after the visit to Zou, Buggy became ill and Shanks stayed behind to take care of him, so they never reached Laugh Tale with the rest of the crew.

There the Roger Pirates discovered the truth behind the Void Century, the Ancient Weapons, and the family of D.
It is revealed that Joy Boy left behind a treasure at Laugh Tale. Roger and his crew’s reaction upon stumbling into Joy Boy’s treasure was simply laughter.

This led Roger to name the island after what he considered a “funny story”, referring to whatever happened to Joy Boy.

Can’t help but think there’s sadness hidden behind those laughs. People of D. Clan tend to even mask their sadness at the time of their death with smiles. Maybe Roger laughed because he didn’t have enough time left to resolve things and it was all for nothing because he was just going to die.

Written by Gus


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