Is Jesus Burgess part of the Three-Eye Tribe?

Is Jesus Burgess a part of the Three-Eye Tribe and can read Poneglyphs for Blackbeard?

Oda said in an SBS that we will eventually see under Burgess’s mask. Seems very odd that Oda would mention this specifically.

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Big Mom during Whole Cake Island told Jinbe she couldn’t read the Poneglyphs and later told Brook that Pudding will someday awaken being able to speak to the Voice Of All Things because she is a part of the Three-Eye Tribe.

Furthermore, SBS 82 mentioned that Blackbeard loves studying History and SBS 88 mentioned that Blackbeard would be an Archaeologist in real life.

I’m thinking that Jesus Burgess has a third eye under his mask. His ability to hear the Voice Of All things makes him very useful to Blackbeard that is seeking the Poneglyphs.
Check out a more detailed analysis “Here
What do you guys think?

*Theory by GomuRx

Written by Gus


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