Future Power-Ups Of The Straw Hats!

As of now, I believe that the Straw Hat Crew is the strongest non-Yonko pirate crew, with very reliable members who excel in battle, navigation, stealth, medical knowledge, archeology, and engineering…

They already proved themselves to be a real threat to the World Government and pirates as well, but as foes get stronger with each arc, Straw Hat members are ought to improve as well in what they do, especially in battle and fights.

As the way I see it, I think it will goes like this:


Unlocks Gomu Gomu no Mi Awakening

Gains Advanced Armament Haki

Proficient in Future Sight (Advanced Observation Haki)

Advanced Conqueror’s Haki (like Shanks)

Unlocks Gear 5 which would need him to reach Advanced Armament Haki as well as Awakening his devil fruit, thus turning everything he touches into rubber.


Unlocks Advanced Armament

Creates a Black Blade (like Ryuma and Mihawk)

Improves Observation Haki

Conqueror’s Haki (like Silvers Rayleigh)

Learns to cut fire (Fighting King)


Unlocks Future Sight (Advanced Observation Haki)

Improves Armament Haki

Unlocks “Blue flames version of Diable Jambe” (Increased Heat)

Raid Suit:


– Accelerators increase his speed and kicking force

– Armoured Legs (Like Steel)

– Floatation devices (Allows for flight)

– Cape (Sanji uses this as a shield)


Kabuto has seastone coated on it (Increase range and power of shots)

Usopp will become proficient in Observation Haki

New variations in ammo


Shogun Franky becomes more streamlined, think Isaac from World Seeker

Franky upgrades his suit to incorporate Seastone into his fists

Unlocks Armament Haki



Climatact infused with Seastone

Flight (By riding on Zeus)

Unlocks Observation Haki

Is able to create a thunderstorm over a country (Ultimate Move)

Nico Robin

Flight through Wings

Creates a giant Clone of herself (Full Body Clone)

Unlocks Armament Haki

Unlocks Awakening of her devil fruit thus making her able to create physical copies of everything she touches.


Accessing the Monster Point without a rumble ball

Improves endurance

Unlocks Armament Haki


New Sword (A Meito- Personally I think he should get one of the 21 O Wazamono Swords)

Greater Ice Generation

Full Body Armament Haki (like Pica and Vergo)

Unlocks Awakening of his devil fruit, allowing him to manipulate souls of everything he touches.

*Theory by stealth_hawk

Written by Gus


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  1. Zoro will cut nothingness. Back then when he fought Mr. 1. That’s what he’ll need since he will fought Shiryuu who have the ability to become invisible.

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