One Piece Family

D: Hello, Odacchi! I have a question; will you hear me out? …Oh, you will? Thanks! Here goes. In the song the Straw Hats sing called “Family”, they have a line that goes “We’re not acquaintances, we’re not friends, we’re family”. If the Straw Hats really were an actual family, who would be the dad, and who would be the mom? P.N. Nashi

Although the One Piece family theater was different, Oda replied this way:

Oda: “Family” has been aired on TV, and it seems to be the most popular out of all the character songs. I really love it, too. My answer would currently be something like this.

  • Dad: Franky (Thug)
  • Mom: Robin
  • First Son: Zoro
  • Second Son: Sanji (Punk)
  • Daughter: Nami
  • Third Son: Usopp
  • Fourth Son: Luffy
  • Youngest: Chopper

Brook wasn’t introduced in the manga at the time this question was asked. He’d probably be an old perverted grandfather…

Written by Gus


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