Shanks’ Ultimate Goal is to Stop the Clan of “D.”

In 967, a bizarre panel caught my eye. Maybe I’m just seeing between the lines where there are no lines, but anyway here is my theory.

The panel that I’m talking about is on Page 16 where Shanks seem to get shocked/surprised when Roger opened the door. The reaction from Shanks is a bit weird. I initially thought it’s just another panel, but few panels later on the same page, Shanks and Buggy stayed back on the ship.

That seems so unlike Buggy whose prime goal is to find treasure. And we are talking about the greatest treasure in One Piece world.

Also, by this time, Shanks already knows where all the Poneglyphs are and still did not end up at Laugh Tale? That is really odd. It appears as if Shanks doesn’t want to land on Laugh Tale, and used Buggy as scapegoat to stay behind. He probably doesn’t want anyone to get to Laugh Tale or know about the Void Century. It appears that Toki could have come from the Void Century and probably from Laugh Tale. Toki getting a high fever is also really suspicious. Maybe Shanks is one behind this as well.

Based on how shocked Shanks was when Roger opened the door, I think he might be the reason behind Roger’s illness, basically trying to stop Roger from reaching Laugh Tale. Maybe the illness is connected to the loss of his Straw Hat. Maybe the Straw Hat is actually Joy Boy’s “unbelievable treasure” as Roger was referring to.

And more importantly, what would Shanks benefit?

We are still yet to know the connection between Shanks and Gorosei/IM and what information Shanks is providing them.

It appears Shanks may have been the ambassador of Gorosei/IM who is responsible to identify D’s and stop them from getting close to Laugh Tale or knowing about the Void Century.

If the Straw Hat really is the treasure, probably the person with D. wearing the hat must be extremely attached to it before it is snatched away. Probably this is the only way to kill a D. When Shanks first gifted it to Luffy, he was taking a shot among D’s. He even mentioned that to Whitebeard that he placed “a bet” on the new generation.

D’s are of 2 types, as Oda already gave a glimpse of Rocks (evil D.) and Roger (good D.), both being a threat to Celestial Dragons.

Shanks, as an ambassador for Gorosei/IM, is already aware of that. His encounter with Blackbeard made him realize that Blackbeard is the evil one. In his quest to identify the other good one, Luffy appeared. He not only succeeded in winning Luffy’s trust, much like Roger’s, but also ended up baiting Luffy and feeding him with a weak paramecia devil fruit.

Shanks also came to know of Ace’s existence after that (good D.). Only good can destroy evil (Roger defeats Rocks) and not even Gorosei/IM will be able to stop evil D., so Shanks realized that Luffy/Ace must be defeating Blackbeard with the power of the Straw Hat. This could be the reason for Shanks for trying to stop the clash between Ace and Blackbeard as not the “right time”. He probably wants Ace to wear the Straw Hat for few years before clashing with Blackbeard. Shanks was afraid that if Blackbeard (evil D) defeats Ace (good D without hat) one of the chances to kill evil D will be wasted.

D’s are only a threat to Gorosei/IM, but they will not be able to defeat them without Ancient Weapons. Hence Gorosei/IM’s main purpose is to destroy Ancient Weapons (Shirahoshi/Poseidon, Vivi connected with Uranus) before Luffy/Blackbeard can use them.

Anyway, this process of emerging evil Ds and good Ds could have been happening for the past 800 years, and so are Ancient Weapons every 100 years. Gorosei/IM have been successful enough to pit good Ds against evil Ds and destroying Ancient Weapons all these years and Shanks is their ambassador for this generation.

*Theory by kcreddy91

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