Luffy is gonna be Yonko Level at the End of Wano

I think the last chapter proved something very important: Kaido one shotting Luffy wasn’t just some casual attack.

If he did the same with a beast like Oden, that shows just how powerful Luffy was already.

Now that Luffy has the ability to damage Kaido (Advanced Armament Haki), it will be a real fight.

With future sight in play and Kaido’s thus far slow movements, Luffy could theoretically beat Kaido, if he can dodge or block all his attacks.

Let’s remember that this guy is going to be the Pirate King. People seem to think that One Piece has another 10 years of power building going on for it. We are getting close to the endgame real fast and Luffy’s final opponents are supposed to be even stronger than Kaido.

Luffy got trashed by Crocodile in their first fight in Alabasta and yet still beat him by the end of the arc. Lucci yeeted Luffy to oblivion and got his ass whooped eventually in Enies Lobby.

This is a shonen, as the story progresses you’ll see stronger and stronger characters and Luffy will improve every time until eventually becoming the strongest. If he doesn’t become Yonko level now, then when?

*by cptenn94

Written by Gus


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  1. Honestly I don’t think Luffy is really there yet. Yes Kaido clapped both Luffy and Oden but the length of the fights, damage received, and the circumstances were totally different. That was a far weaker Kaido 20 years ago who Oden was able to permanently scar and still got one-shotted. Luffy at most sobered up Kaido, now his new technique is definitely going to come in clutch but think about his last couple of fights, he’s had a tremendous amount of help either from his opponent, the peanut gallery, or from his ally. Yonko level Luffy needs to be capable of clapping an admiral, a first commander like Katakuri (and legitimately win), and actually going toe-to-toe with their fellow yonko all solo (not all at the same time of course). I just don’t see him at that level just at the end of Wano. Right now Luffy at best is on par with Katakuri who is still far below Big Mom. The gap between a yonko and their first commander is honestly ridiculous can he really make those gains so soon? He will definitely be perceived as the next yonko around the world but will he truly have attained that level of strength? Idk I kind of rather he didn’t until maybe the end of Elbaf or later on when he officially takes out Big Mom. Kaido doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you would one-on-one if you were getting your punches blocked by his second in command like a week ago.

  2. Odin_Slayer tysen rep i will have to say that you are incorrect luffy at some point will surpass the Yonko but i can also tale that are a yonko fan

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