Will Jinbe finally reunite with the Straw Hats in Wano?

The Sun Pirates represent a symbol. They are basically Revolutionaries without the political skills.

They represent freedom and a place for those who have been rejected and abused.
One would argue that Whitebeard’s crew is similar, but this is on a bigger emotional level.

They are unique in the sense that even after their captain’s death, they still carry on the bigger picture of what made the Sun Pirates exist. They appoint a new captain and carry on. One of the few if not the only crew that didn’t collapse after their captain’s death/farewell.

The only notable strong crew pirate that can use a pirates’ surroundings to its fullest potential. This was one of the few reasons why the Whole Cake Island escape succeeded.

For years and years, Fishmen have not been aggressive towards the World Government, they’ve been trying to suck up to them.
I think the World Government made a huge mistake in not embracing what potentially could be the actual strongest race.
Do you think the Sun Pirates are going to be of more assists in the future to Luffy?
Remember that speech Jinbe gave them about Luffy.

Will Jinbe finally reunite with the Straw Hats in Wano?

Oda said Wano will also have a huge naval battle. Are we going to have the Sun Pirates involved to show us what they can really do in sea battles?

*by Edward Teach

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