Shanks’ Origin and the Fate that brings him to Blackbeard


This is a theory about the origin of Shanks, how and why he got on Roger’s ship and why this will be important in the final act of One Piece.


Many have speculated that Shanks is the son of Rocks D. Xebec.


Following are some facts for that matter.

  • Shanks is 39
  • God Valley happened 38 years ago
  • The God Valley incident involved the Celestial Dragons
  • Roger told Garp before his execution that a child doesn’t bear the sins of his parents, to convince Garp to take care of his child
  • After the fight between the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco told Blackbeard that Shanks and Buggy have been part of the Roger Pirates for many years (they were around 13 years old at that time)
  • Roger said in Chapter 966, that it has been a while since he held a baby

The only reasons I can think of, for a pirate crew like the Roger Pirates, to take childs into their crew, are either a promise or to save them from certain death.

My theory is that the Celestial Dragons were about to take orphans as new slaves to Mary Geoise. A 1 year old Shanks and Buggy were part of them. Shanks’ mother died prior to this and his father was the captain of a pirate crew, so they thought he was an orphan, too.

Rocks D. Xebec found out about this and attacked them (It may even have been a trap by the World Government, to defeat him).

The fight happens, Roger joins Garp to defeat Rocks (I can’t figure out, why he is there, but we roll with it) and they beat Rocks. With his dying breaths he begs Roger not to let the Celestial Dragons get his son, with the words “A child doesn’t bear the sins of his parents”, which Roger uses years later to convince Garp. But considering that there are many children, Roger is unsure, which one the child of Rocks is. (I expect Rocks to have flaming red hair) Roger being the goofy kind like Luffy, thinks the child must be red in some way and takes Shanks because of the red hair and Buggy because of the red nose.

Oda made it clear on multiple occasions that Luffy is the heir of Gol D. Roger’s will, while Ace being his real son went a different path and didn’t even want to be a captain later on.

The same can be applied to Shanks and Blackbeard. Blackbeard is the heir of Rocks D. Xebec’s will and Shanks the real son of Rocks is keeping the balance in the world, although his father was the personified Chaos.

The fight between these two has been foreshadowed during Marineford, when Blackbeard said that he is not yet ready to face Shanks.

I think the battle between the heir of Rocks’ will and the son of Rocks will lead to the final act of One Piece, because it gives Luffy the reason to attack Blackbeard.

*Theory by Football_Pirates

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