The Reason why Luffy’s Alliance will defeat Kaido and Big Mom


Now we already got some small hints and possible conflict points, especially in the most recent chapter. Kaido’s crew does not seem to get along too well with Big Mom’s kids, and generally speaking Big Mom and Kaido didn’t get along too well either.


They both want Luffy’s head now. I am sure, Kaido’s son will play a role too in this but we will have to wait and see. Also having all good guys now wearing Beasts Pirates attires could be the tipping point, Big Mom could get angry when she sees guys dressed like that attacking her children.


But enough for all the circumstances, you too read the manga, let’s get to the core of this:

I think – no I hope that Kaido’s crew and Orochi’s vassals (and maybe even Big Mom’s children) will overthink their allegiances and change sides, if they are not already acting as a spy or something of that sort. I am not saying that everyone would do this, but I think it would be a fitting theme.

Kaido’s crew especially seems to be built through intimidation, subjugation and the hope of getting a devil fruit, so even if you are insignificant you will be recruited because Kaido needs a lot of people, 10 times more than average to be specific, for his smiles to even “work” and matter. He needs masses of Waiters so that he can have some Gifters. Kaido does not seem to value the person per se. He wants strength, personal strengh or strengh in numbers. Due to this fact, a lot of people in his ranks are not as loyal as you would wish for as a captain as recently shown, but so far it didn’t really matter because after all, Kaido and a few collected members are just freakish strong and seem to be loyal and no force on Wano was able to even scratch the chokehold he has over the country.


Now you can probably see where I am going with this. This specific arc revolving around said topics and the main antagonist with said issues in his crew.

A war is about to start and maybe for the first time in 20 years, this is a real threat to Kaido and Wano as a whole. I wouldn’t be suprised if some, if not many and in particular some powerful individuals reconsider being part of Kaido’s crew when shit starts hitting the fan – especially when Big Mom gets involved.


Wishful thinking: We will have Gifters, Waiters, Headliners and maybe even some of the Flying Six turning their back on Kaido, because well, they never really cared for him, the crew or Wano. When Orochi goes “mad king” (GoT reference) and translates his plan to action (remember he said, he just really wants to ruin Wano at the end of the day), maybe some of his retainers, Ninjas or personal guards turn on him.

It is quite historical too. In big wars, when you are on the losing team’s side and you get the chance to betray your faction for your personal benefit or for survival alone because a defeat is imminent, people tend to be more opportunistic – especially if your personal identification is not so strong with your initial faction and your leader ruled mainly with intimidation and oppression.

So at the end of the day, I just want to see lots of people turning their back on Kaido, Orochi and maybe even Big Mom (*sprinkles some Katakuri into this discussion*), showing true colours and join the NinjaPirateMinkSamurai Alliance. I can see that happening with a lot of insignificant characters, but I would much enjoy a handful of Headliners, some of the Flying Six, some of Orochi’s special forces and of course some of the Worst Generation pirates join the Straw Hat alliance in this battle. Some out of the opportunisitc reasons I just mentioned, others because they were never really on Kaido’s side to begin with.

That’s when Kaido realizes that Oden may not have been that foolish lord he always thought of – a handful of genuine loyal followers and friends are worth more than a hundred beasts without morale.

*Theory by Cartoon_Star

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