Only the bloodline of D. can interact with the One Piece

Many claim that the Roger Pirates discovered too soon what they found at Laugh Tale and that Poseidon is integral to Joy Boy’s plan.

But let’s not forget, Toki can send people into the future. Wouldn’t it make sense for Toki to send the Roger Pirates to the time when the Mermaid Princess is born?

Well, I’m sure this crossed everyone’s mind but now I think Wano is more crucial than we think. Oden desperately needs to open the borders of Wano and unfortunately, time travel does not solve this issue. Only action.

So here it is. Roger doesn’t have time. Even if he jumps to a point where Poseidon is born and is able to control her powers, his time is still limited. The journey to Laugh Tale plus the political state of Wano would take more time to solve. So here is where we say, well why doesn’t Roger’s crew just carry their captain’s will.

Why don’t they time travel, fix Wano and complete Joy Boy’s ambition? That’s because there are no Ds among them. Only the bloodline of D. can interact with the One Piece.

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