The Return of Joy Boy and the 3 Ancient Weapons


The return of Poseidon

Since we already that Princess Shirahoshi is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon there is not much more to say about it. 


 So lets directly head over to the next one.

The return of Pluton

Pluton is known as the world’s worst  battle ship. 


 A ship capable of destroying a whole island with a single blast and it said to be hidden somewhere in Alabasta. 


 And we know that the position of Pluton is noted on the Poneglyph in the secret tomb below the plast of Alabasta and Cobra is aware of it. 


 At this point some of you migh have already realized that there is something that does not fit. On the one hand Nefertary was part of the alliance that took down the Ancient Kingdom during the Void Century on the other hand they were hiding not only a Poneglyph but also the Ancient Weapon Pluto from the World Goverment. The first part toally fits with Robins reaction towards Cobra saying they were protecting the Poneglyph. 

 Bur I actually think Cobra was telling the truth. I mean even the 5 Elders figured out that the Nefertari family have to be traitors cause they were the only ones who decided to live on the surface 800 years ago. 

 An interisting figure introduced during Reverie is the hidden King of the world known as Im. And we saw Im with pictures of 4 characters: Luffy, Teach, Shirahoshi and Vivi. One can easily find explanation why the first 3, but why Vivi? And also why was he holding it while moving to the throne. 

 On top of that we learned that after Reverie ended an incident occured, an incident with the Kingdom of Alabasta being involved. 

 Adding to this that the World Goverment already started to search for the Ancient Weapon (especially Pluton). 

 This lead to the assumption that the World Goverment figured out the location of Pluton! And I won’t be suprised that the incident will end up being resolved with the World Goverment end up finding the Pluton! The ones who remeber Water 7 saga well will know in which direction this will lead! In Water 7 saga we learned that the blueprints of Pluton still exist. 

 These blueprints has been passed down in a line of incredible shipwrights to protect them from falling into the wrong hands and use them to build a new Pluton in case that the first Pluton will be revived. Does this mean Franky will build a new Pluton once he heard about the ressurection of the first one? No I don’t think so cause I am convinced that he really destroyed the blueprints of Pluton (without a copy of existing). 

 But like Shirahoshi is a new Poseidon I think the Thousand Sunny can be seen as new Pluton! Does this mean Thousand Sunny was build based on the blueprints of Pluton? Actually not I think Franky manage to create a new Pluton completly independent from the first one and I am going to say the new one will end up surpassing the first one! 

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