The Return of Joy Boy and the 3 Ancient Weapons


 Why did the pirate who tried to become King attack God Valley? Why did the World Goverment make secret about the existence of God Valley? Actually there is one reasonable answer for it “Uranus”. Xebec tried to obtain Uranus while the WG fear the power of the Ancient Weapons, so yeah Uranus located at God Valley makes a lot of sense. Lets try to get a step further. Looking at the silhouette of God Valley it somehow reminds me on the silhouettte of Emerald City in Wizard of Oz. 


 Suprinsingly there is a myth about about an Emerald City in OPverse. 


 The story of a legendary pirate captain searching for a powerful weapon in Emerald City, a place not existing on any map, would be something a character like Bellamy would considere as fairytale. Lets continue with the assumption that Emerald City was indeed a city on God Valley and the place connected to Uranus and add the meaning of Uranus. The Ancient Weapons are named after Gods and Uranus resembles the Greek God of the Sky thats why many believe that Uranus powers are related to the weather. Combining weather with Oz I directly have to think about the Wicked Witch of the East who is a powerful Witch able to control the weather. And actually it shouldn’t take long for a One Piece fan to find a character who perfectly resembles the Wicked Witch of the East and that is Nami! She is coming from the East Blue, was called witch many times and is able to control the weather with her “magic wand”. 


 On top of the mentioned points Nami also have a supernatural sense for weather. 


 But Nami connected to Uranus, does it fit with her plot? Actually much better then one might think and therefore I recommend to take a look at Namis background story we learned in the Arlong Park arc. We know Bellermere wasn’t the real mother of Nami and Nojiko (and Nami and Nojiki are not even siblings). Bellemere actually found Nami and Nojiki (or better saying Nojiko found Nami and Bellemere) after a huge fight happpen on an (for us) unknown island. 

 Bellemere decided to quit Marines and become the mother for Nojiko and Nami, this looks fine while it actually doesn’t. Back then Bellemere reached Cocoyasi Village half dead with a tiny boat during a storm 

 followed by making a secret of the existence of theses 2 girls. 

 This let me believe that the situation regarding Nami and Nojiki can be compared to situations like World Goverment killing unborn childs trying to exterminate Rogers blood or killing innocent refugees to make sure no Scholar of Ohara may survive. Finally this follow ony of the Main aspects of the New World saga which seems to be resolving the origins of Luffy and his first 4 crewmembers who started with him in East Blue. It started with Sanjis family plot in Whole Cake Island, now we have the ties between Zoro and Wano, the story of Luffy will definetly come on Laugh Tale and I have actually no doubt the Usopps arc will become Elbaf. Thus an Arc with Nami end up being tied to Uranus resolving her past would make a lot of sense also storywise.


What we learned about the Void Century so fat is that there existed an powerful kingdom ruled (or leaded) by man known as Joy Boy. Even so this Kingdom was in the possesion of the 3 Ancient Weapons Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus it got defeated by a powerful aliance of 20 nations. The winning aliance became the founding members of the current World Goverment. Roger found out everything about the Void Century and that there is a prophecy that Joy Boy and the Ancient Weapons will return 800 years after the war was lost, 20 years after Roger reached Laugh Tale, now OPverse. Everything points towards Luffy being the new Joy Boy and he already befriended with Shirahoshi who is the new Poseidon. Pluton is hidden somewhere in Alabasta by a traitor of the alliance who defeated the Ancient Kingdom. An incident occured involving Alabasta leading to the assumption the World Goverment is going to find the old Pluton. But following the pattern of Weapons returning it seems like Franky inherited the will of the shipwright who created Pluton and manage to build a new Pluton, the Thousand Sunny! Not much is known about Uranus, but it seems like Uranus origins are on God Valley thats a good explanation for both Xebec attacking God Valley and Word Goverement makinf a secret of the existence of this island. God Valley could also be the key to resolve 2 missing stories “Emerald City” and “Namis past” which leads to Nami being the key to find Uranus (or maybe Nami herself being Uranus).

*Theory by Nessos

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