Yamato is Kaido & Black Maria’s daughter?

What’s the potential that Black Maria is Yamato’s mother?

She does have a seemingly intimate relationship with Kaido (whether due to profession or fondness is unclear).

Now that we’ve fully seen Yamato I feel like she’s Kaido and Black Maria’s kid.

Yamato has the same horns (white base, black top), similar hair accessories, and eyebrows as Black Maria.

I’m not 100% sure but they look extremely alike and I’m not calling this same face syndrome that Oda does fall into time and time again. I’m looking at a Young Kaido from Oden’s flashback and it looks like Yamato has his nose. So Yamato and Black Maria are not 100% lookalikes which make it look like Yamato is a mash between Kaido and Black Maria’s looks.

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