Momonosuke’s dragon fruit was originally intended for Yamato?

Since Kaido wants to make Yamato his heir and the next Shogun, I’ve been wondering if the artificial devil fruit Momonosuke ate could have been initially intended for Yamato, as it’s plausible that Kaido wanted his child to be a smaller version of himself.

Momonosuke’s artificial devil fruit and Kaido’s dragon form are incredibly similar. Too similar as they both resemble an eastern dragon.

I have no idea how Kaido could have “commissioned” it to Vegapunk, who works for the World Government.

Anyway Orochi was in contact with the CP0 and Vegapunk, maybe it was part of the weapons deal.

It would be ironic if that was the case since that dragon devil fruit ended up being eaten by Momonosuke instead.

And by the way, Kaido has yet to see Momonosuke in his dragon form and I can’t wait to see his reaction. Transforming could be how Momonosuke escapes his execution.

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