How each Yonko Crew represents a different way of becoming Powerful

First Shanks. Red Hair Pirates crew seems most like the Straw Hat Pirates, not nearly as many members as the other Yonko crews, but each one is probably powerful in their own right and they probably did it with no underhanded trickery. They’re known to be the most balanced crew

Blackbeard‘s crew is like the Anti-Straw Hat Pirates. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that each member of the Blackbeard Pirates will match up with a Straw Hat Pirates member near the end of One Piece. While Luffy genuinely cares for each of his crewmates, Blackbeard does not. His crew was formed and gets stronger by carrying out well-thought out evil plans, in contrast to Luffy’s spontaneous style. His crewmates are also in charge of their own ships, much like with the Division Dommanders of Whitebeard’s crew.

Whitebeard wanted to create a family, and he genuinely loved his “sons” and they loved him back even with no blood ties, with the strong ones in his crew pretty spread out in command of their own ships. Plus he had lots of affiliated pirate crews that respected him

Big Mom, like Whitebeard, expands her crew by expanding her family via childbirth and absorbing other pirate crews through marriage, but unlike Whitebeard’s crew, there is little to no respect at all levels, with Big Mom not even hesitating to kill one of her own children, and the children being mostly despicable with few exceptions. Very top-heavy strength-wise, with Big Mom being way stronger than her Sweet Commanders who are in turn way stronger than everyone else on the crew.

Kaido formed his crew similarly to Whitebeard and Big Mom in that he absorbs crews into his own, seemingly only concerned with strength or how they could be useful to him personally. To me, his crew also seems pretty top-heavy like Big Mom’s crew, with Kaido leagues above Jack, Queen and King who are leagues above the Flying Six who are stronger than the Numbers and Gifters and Pleasures and Waiters. Probably Beasts Pirates have more strength overall than Big Mom Pirates but there is also a lot of pure fodder characters who had no choice but to join or die

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