Sanji’s and Zoro’s Opponents in Wano


I think it’s pretty obvious King and Queen are Sanji’s and Zoro’s opponents.


Zoro 320million bounty
Queen 1.32billion bounty – exactly 1billion apart

Queen has all the similarities to Kaku’s fighting style and powers.


Sanji 330million bounty
King 1.33billion (probably) – exactly 1billion apart

Sanji is pervert, aerial combatant, has black suit and fire powers
King is perver, aerial combatant, has black suit and fire powers


Plus they are currently fighting:


What if this is the beginning of King & Queen vs Zoro & Sanji?
A tag team battle between the 2nd and 3rd best fighters on both crews would be a really fun and unique fight where both sides have to keep switching their opponents constantly. Maybe this clash with King will be mirrored by Zoro having a clash with Queen soon and maybe these two fights will collide later on.

I like this because:

1-King and Queen already have shown strong parallels between them and Sanji and Zoro. However, their relationship is based more on actual hate rather than Zoro and Sanji’s sibling rivalry and could be used to showcase how Zoro and Sanji, in reality, have a lot of respect for each other and that could be the crucial factor that allows them to win.

2-When you think about it both King and Queen would make sense as fights for either Sanji or Zoro. King does have a sword and also just kinda has the stoic personality we see in Zoro’s enemies, but he’s also aerial combatant and fire powers user which suggests he’s more of a Sanji type enemy. Same could be said for Queen, he also uses swords but on top of that his devil fruit has a very striking similarity to one belonging to Kaku (the best Zoro’s enemy so far in my opinion), but he could also fit as an enemy for Sanji because he’s a bit like an Okama and generally has that more goofy personality that you see in Sanji’s enemies (Mr 2, Jabura, Absalom).

What do you think?

*by osobamasku

Sanji is definitely stronger than everybody thought!

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