Oda has revealed that he plans to finish One Piece in 4 or 5 years!!!

Eiichiro Oda appeared today on an episode of the Arashi band’s a la tubo variety show. When asked about how many years are left, Oda said he would like to finish One Piece in 4-5 years.

Here is @sandman_AP summary of Oda’s TV interview today. Oda also stated that he rarely goes to Jump office where today he witnessed his manuscript of chapter 1 for the first time in 23 years!

According to @sandman_AP Oda also revealed his favorite scene in the show.

1– Opening scene of Wano

2– Robin puts Mangrove’s tree sap to Usopp. Oda says it helps audience to feel as if OP world is real.

3– Campfire scene in Skypiea arc. It was the scene where Oda wanted to draw most in that arc

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