One Piece Magazine confirmed there will be a new member in Luffy’s crew after Jinbe!

One Piece Magazine Vol.10 will be released 16th September 2020. It contains some important info about the Straw Hat Pirates:

1-  Oda reveals Initial Designs for Straw Hat Pirates (This time he confirms it included Jinbe or maybe another Fishmen at least)

2- Magazine includes Jinbe’s initial design. It’s also written that his name was going to be “Saigo” and he gets along very well with Zoro from the start.

3- Magazine also includes Zoro’s Initial Design. Oda also reveals that he was gonna choose only one of these three Story Plans for him (He is Bounty Hunter, His Story with Kuina and Story with Rika) but eventually Oda decided to include all of them.

4- According to Oda, Chapter 1 was very different at first and Nami, Morgan & Zoro would have appeared in it.
He was gonna make Luffy’s Dream only to become a “Pirate” and Nami was gonna be introduced as a girl who steals from Pirates (Just like Episode 1) & Morgan was gonna be very different & fights with Bombs (like Muggy & Buggy Balls). Garp was also planned to appear very early in the Story.

5- When Luffy said he wants 10 Crew Members, Oda explained that he didn’t count himself which means he still wants one more Nakama after Jinbe.

6- It’s hinted that big Straw Hat seen in Mary Geoise could be related to the Prophecy that Madam Shyarly saw & also to Roger/Shanks/Luffy’s Hat.

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