The Pattern of Monster Trio’s Positioning in Recent Panels

In chapter 989 we got this Straw Hats group shot and people went crazy because Jinbe is to the right of Luffy… and somehow that is making new Monster Trio with Zoro Luffy and Jinbe.

But many ignore the fact that Sanji is standing in front of Jinbe.
You can clearly see from white outline that Sanji is in front of Jinbe the same way Luffy is in front of him.

That means:
Sanji is in front of everyone and on Luffy’s right
Luffy is in front of everyone and is in the middle
Zoro is in front of everyone and on Luffy’s left

Now to the second point: “But in chapter 977 Luffy Jinbe and Zoro are on the same page”.
Well, putting both pages together we can see a pattern: Monster Trio members get full panels while the others have to share their panels with other members.

And third point: “What about the color spread?”

Yet again, Monster Trio members are the only ones with bulldogs:
Sanji is taking group’s right side
Zoro is taking group’s left side
Luffy is taking the front

All this confirms that Luffy-Zoro-Sanji is still the Monster Trio.

*by osobamasku

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