Last Chapter hinted at Trafalgar Law being a SWORD Member?


The Rocky Port Incident was an inside job.

Imagine Roger told Garp about the Void Century and all the ill-doings of the Celestials.


Imagine he denied all those promotions from Vice Admiral because he was already Admiral of SWORD.

Imagine he couldn’t live with that and started SWORD with a select group of individuals (Kuzan, Tsuru) and left Sengoku out of it.

This would clear up A LOT of Garp’s flip-flop motives through out the series.


Garp never wanted credit– Just to operate in the sidelines.

Keeping Sengoku out of the loop would be so that if he and the others were ever discovered. Sengoku had plausible deniability.

They would still have a force for justice running the Marines that almost aligned with theirs.

Also, keep in mind that Pre-Timeskip Sengoku was not fun Hawaiian shirts Sengoku. He played the game and perhaps was meant to never find out.

No matter what– Sengoku would have always been too close to higher ups. (Kong, Gorosei, Im).


Keeping him ignorant is why Sengoku’s conversation with Law on Dressrosa would be poignant, because only one of them knows Law is a marine. Law.


This includes aligning with those he hated (World Government) as a means to an end of crippling them from the inside and create a better organization.

Yes. Law hates the World Government because of what they did to Flevance and his family. But Law is a planner. A schemer.

It would not be out of character for him to have learned how to “play the long game” from Corazon and be a VERY deep cover agent to dismantle the World Government from within.

“You’ve shown me something interesting”

Luffy taking down Charlos proved that Luffy and Law’s distaste for the Tenryuubito are aligned. (Sword’s distaste for the World Government / CP-0 / CDs)

He could use Luffy as a pawn to get SWORD’s desired results. SWORD knows Luffy is a “trump card” and this is why Drake and Koby discuss him over the snail.

“We still share a bond”

He could be talking about the Will of D. Law knows thanks to Corazon that the “D” will surely cause another storm.

But more so he’s there because he NEEDS Luffy to complete his plan.

Law arriving at Marineford could also be an order from SWORD (Garp?). It could also be Kuzan based on his discussions with Luffy and Robin.

Law telling Drake that he’ll go along with his plan doesn’t debunk the theory for me.

Drake may have forced Law’s hand to kill, or severely incapacitate, Hawkins (assuming the “Slash” panel was a kill shot) simply to protect the secrecy of SWORD.

Drake could have jeopardized the entire operation by saving Law, and Law being pissed about that and going forward reluctantly doesn’t sway me that this is incorrect. If anything Law’s annoyance and casual attitude informs their alliance.

So with the latest chapter, Oda gave us hints about what SWORD is. Currently, X-Drake is on a mission. To be a spy infiltrated in Yonko Kaido’s crew. And just like that I suddenly remember Aokiji. Aokiji is also a SWORD with same mission as X-Drake.

*Theory by RandyTroy

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