Oda revealed the Age and the Height of Kaido’s Flying Six


D: Odacchi, pleased to meet you! The introduction of the Flying Six on chapter 978 was so cool, I just had to write in! I’m sure many are asking the same question, but please, could you spare us the height, age, and favourite food of each of the Flying Six? (P.N.: Youki Genia)


Oda: Yeah, I guess. They have sure become a fan favourite, the Flying Six. Gotta give what the people want. But please show some love for Queen too!


Who’s Who


336 cm, 38 years old, crab paella

Black Maria


820 cm, 29 years old, skewed dango


318 cm, 34 years old, asparagus


173 cm, 22 years old, twisted fries

Page One

171 cm, 20 years old, nachos

X Drake

233 cm, 33 years old, chicken rice

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