Straw Hat Pirates vs Numbers


I’ll get straight to it: we all know Oda is having fun with numbers through out the series so far.

5-6 is shortly pronounced “go-mu” and that’s Luffy’s Number and also his Devil Fruit.


Nico Robin’s devil fruit is “hana hana” no mi, ha-na is short for 8-7.


Brook’s devil fruit is yomi yomi no mi, yo-mi is short for 4-3.


Chopper’s devil fruit is hito-hito, short for 1-10, and that makes a total of four devil fruit users on the team.


We got all the Numbers from 1 to 10, except 2-9, but that’s for another theory.

Kaido’s giant “Numbers” have distinctive laughs for each one of them, each Number laughs his actual “number”. In the latest chapter, we see Luffy taking down the Number whose laugh is “Gokiki”, which stands for “go” = the number 5 = one of Luffy’s actual numbers, 5 & 6 (the “kiki” is just a suffix indication for laughs).

Then, we see X-Drake taking down another Number, and his laugh is “Jukiki”- ju is 10 in Japanese, and Drake’s name has an X in it. X symbolizes 10 in Roman numbers.

Now, the main line in the theory: Each devil fruit user from the Straw Hats will take down at least one giant Number, according to their specific personal numbers. That means Chopper, Robin, and Brook will take down at least one Number each.

Moreover, there are Sanji, Zoro and Nami which have numbers hidden in their names:

Roronoa-Zoro: the number 6 (roku)

Sanji: the obvious number 3.

Nami: the number 7 (nana). Nangi is giant No.7.

So it’s possible these three will take down one Number each, even when not owning a Devil Fruit.

To sum it up (bold means that Number has already been taken down):

  • Chopper [1-10] Drake
  • Luffy [5-6] Zoro
  • Brook [4-3] Sanji
  • Robin [8-7] Nami
  • (unknown) [2-9] (unknown)

Guess we’ll have to wait and find out in the next chapters 😉

*Theory by Tight_Sea56

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