Many Plot Twists are set to happen at the End of Wano Arc


We are heading to the end of the Wano Arc and with this to the end of the “Four Emperors Saga”!


Alongside Wano Arc also the Reverie Arc started. And through this Reverie Arc a new character of the past was introduced, Rocks D. Xebec, Captain of the great Rocks Pirates!


In this theory I want to eyplain why this Rocks-plot hints that the whole Yonkou-story will be resolved in the Wano Arc!


Therefore I am going to start with the Remnants of the Rocks Pirates, the 2 Yonkou who are already present in Wano!

The Remnants
The Rocks crew was a fearsome crew with many notable members like Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shiki, Captain John, Silver Axe and Ochoku.


The members alone hints what a powerful man Xebec must have been, but also the fact that it took Roger and Garp to take him down. After Xebec was defeated his crew disbanded and the former members became powerful captains on their own, 3 of them became very powerful captains with very powerful crews together with the “newcomer” Shanks they became the 4 Emperors of the sea.

With the death of Whitebeard and Captain John and the unknown whereabouts of Shiki, Silver Axe and Ochoku only 2 of the great names are left, Big Mom and Kaido! These 2 now formed an alliance to conquer the world and rule it with terror! And I bet with they basically try to fulfill the original goal of the Rocks Pirates!

And that’s for me one of the great reason to believe that the story of the Rocks Pirates will play a huge role in this Arc once we get closer to the end!

Another Remnant
Alongside Big Mom and Kaidou there is another Remnant who just made his comeback. This Remnant didn’t seem to be as famous as the 7 mentioned, but she has a son who became famous for killing the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates! The one I am talking about is Miss Bakkins

From Marco we learned she once was in a crew together with Whitebeard and that have to be Rocks Pirates.
And actually she has a reason to go to Wano too! Her goal is to find Marco, because she wants the treasure of Whitebeard, claiming her son is the son of Whitebeard so the treasure of Whitebeard is hers! Not only that Marco is Wano right now, she also planned to follow Luffy to get Wano and of course Luffy is in Wano too! So I have no doubts that Miss Backins and Weevil will appear soon at Onigashima.

How this might played out? One thing I could imagine is that the Queen Mama Chanter finally arrives on Onigashima, but to the horror of Big Mom she have to find out her crew is defeated by the son of her former crewmember Miss Bakkin! So the new formed duo Marco and Perosperos might start fighting Weevil together!
But this shouldn’t be the last plot twist!

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