Why Luffy and Yonko Commanders are not at the same level as Admirals


Again, who else can possibly do that, besides another Yonko? If Yonko Commanders were close in power to an Admiral, than surely this many of them should be able to take down a wounded Akainu? However, Akainu defeated a WB Commander and only stopped fighting when Shanks got there.


This proves that Admirals are very close to Yonko in power, and are much stronger that even First Commanders of a Yonko Crew. One remark I got when I brought these points up in another thread was “Hey, I said Yonko Commanders are as strong as Admirals, and you’re using Akainu as your evidence. Akainu is clearly the Fleet Admiral, and is stronger than the other Admirals, so Yonko Commanders can still be as strong as Aokiji or Fujitora”

1. Fleet Admiral is just a title, and does not equate to strength. Sengoku was clearly weaker than Akainu and the rest of the Admirals at Marineford, and he was the Fleet Admiral then.


2. Akainu and Aokiji fought for 10 days straight on Punk Hazard before Aokiji lost. Marco + Vista couldn’t damage a weakened Akainu, but Akainu has clear scars from his battle with Aokiji.


Akainu and Aokiji are very close in strength, and there is no reason to suspect that Kizaru or Fujitora/Green Bull are much weaker.


Another common argument I see is “ If Luffy can’t start to beat Admirals now, the story will never end! Luffy has to start being able to beat Admirals soon to advance the plot.”

This argument I think ties into the fact that people don’t think Admirals are as strong as they really are. Luffy right now is very very strong, compared to the rest of the One Piece World. Since he defeated Katakuri, he is at or near Yonko First Commander level, which means that only other Commanders, the Admirals, and the Yonko themselves are stronger than Luffy.

Luffy is not weak by any means. The Admirals, however, are out of his reach at this point, and that’s OK. Fortunately for us, there’s still a lot of One Piece left to go. Luffy still has many arcs left to get stronger. Just off the top of my head, we still have (in no particular order): Wano, Elbaf, an arc with Shanks, an arc with Blackbeard, Finding One Piece arc and the Final War.

Looking at that list, there’s at least 3 major arcs there (Wano, Shanks, Blackbeard) where Luffy can get stronger before the Final War Arc, and this is not counting any other arc Oda decides to put in. Oda is known for adding things into the story at the last minute (for example, the Supernovas), so there’s no telling what will happen. Luffy still has time, and he’ll get there.

In conclusion, I hope people realize that Admirals are not people to take lightly or to trifle with. Admirals are very close to Yonko in power, and I think people will agree that there is a large gap between Yonko and their Commanders, so logically Yonko Commanders are not Admiral level either. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

*Theory by kingofthenexus

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