Eustass Kid vs Red Hair Pirates

So, we know that Eustass Kid, by his own admission, lost his arm in a fight with the Red Hair Pirates that took place at some point during the timeskip.

But we don’t have any details so far and we don’t know whether it was Shanks himself or another member of the crew.

Still, there was SOME sort of altercation that led to Kid being disarmed. And it’s implied that Kid is still mad about it, since he ended up joining an alliance to take Shanks down.

So what kind of thing do you think led to that situation? After all, if there’s anything we know about Shanks and his crew it’s that they’re not the type to be violent without provocation. I don’t think they would cut someone’s arm off without said person doing something to seriously piss them off.

So what was it? Was Kid dumb enough to actually start a fight with Shanks crew which is said to be the most well-balanced and impenetrable crew among the four Yonko crews ? Or did he hurt/kill someone they’re friends with? Maybe he tried to steal something?

And will it go on after this arc? As in, if Kid survives Wano will he go back to trying to kill Shanks? Or is that idea pretty much out the window at this point? A lot of people think that Elbaf or whatever the next arc is will involve Shanks, so it’d be interesting if Kid was involved.

*by MYJC

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