Blackbeard Pirates vs Straw Hat Pirates 1v1 Matchups


#4- Third Fleet Commander Van Augur


Abilities: Master sniper

Opponent: Usopp – Snipers/Revenge


Developments: This match up seems incredibly obvious and it is likely both fighters will have advanced Observation Haki – this fight is likely to be long distance, though i wouldnt be surprised if Augur also applies Armament Haki to his bullets.

Due to the fact his name, Augur, is a reference to and derivation from the term Augury – the practice of divination and prediction via the use of birds in Roman culture, I predict he will have a flight-based Zoan fruit, perhaps a SMILE, but i expect bigger things here. I expect, due to Usopp’s closeness with the Tontatta, that now with Doflamingo out of the picture and soon Kaido’s fall will occur, it is likely that the Blackbeard Pirates may try to assume control of the island. As Usopp has a bug theme (because Heracles’n), Augur may in fact gain the Mushi Mushi no Mi Model: Kabutomushi from Kabu, since the Blackbeard Pirates appear to have a habit of killing-off side-characters


It’ll be a battle against a Kabuto beetle Zoan user and Usopp’s Kuro Kabuto sniping.

#5- Fourth Fleet Commander Avalo Pizarro


Abilities: Very little is known other than the fact he uses some very strange weapons – he appears to be kitted out with them

Opponent: Franky – Avalo seems to use a lot of different weapons

Developments: Purely based upon his weaponised appearance, he is very likely to be Franky’s opponent, as both use a multitude and array of weapons. There isn’t much else to really say as he is one of the more obscure members of the crew. I expect the fight with Franky will be largely CQC and therefore I expect Pizarro will obtain a Zoan or Paramecia. A perfect one for this would be Blamenco’s unnamed fruit that allows him to store weapons inside of his body. Again, this fruit comes from the Whitebeard Pirates as they are being/have been pursued by the Blackbeard Pirates since the start of the timeskip.

#6- Fifth Fleet Commander Laffitte

Abilities: Unnamed Devil Fruit ability with the ability of Hypnosis accompanied

Opponent: Nami – Navigators

Developments: Once again, there’s very little to go by other than occupation. It has been theorized that Laffitte has an Angel or Swan Zoan, which would make sense. His ability to hypnotise could be a huge stumbling block for Nami.

Given his wings, I reckon his powers could be useful in dispelling Nami’s clouds. This will make him an incredibly difficult opponent for Nami to face. Sadly, there’s not very much material to go on here, but the most convincing idea for a Zoan is the Hito Hito no Mi Model: Harpy, because, as Nami is obsessed with Money, Harpies were too.

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