One Piece is on break due to Oda’s health


There were already rumors about the delayed release of One Piece Chapter 992 but now it’s confirmed. One Piece will be on break until October 16th due to Oda’s health.


Here is the official statement.


Here is the Translation:

To our readers. Thank you for reading ONE PIECE.

ONE PIECE will be on break in this issue due to the author’s sudden illness.

We are very sorry to all the readers who are looking foward to it.

Although ONE PIECE is mentioned in this memo, it not published in this issue, the correction was not in time due to the printing provess. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The continuation is scheduled to resume with an opening colour page from WSJ#46 (to be released on October 17).

We look foward to your continued support of ONE PIECE.

Shonen Jump Editorial Department.


The official announcement did not mention what Oda’s illness is. Fortunately, the situation does not seem to be very serious. According to a Twitter post by Greg, a One Piece columnist in Shueisha there is nothing to worry about.

Last Update: Oda-sensei is doing better already and confirms he will resume serialization from October 17.


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