Trafalgar Law’s Ultimate Goal


There’s a thing about the character of Trafalgar Law that I never understood: his true motivation behind his actions in the present time.


We all know about the alliance proposal to Mugiwaras to take down Kaido and the story of Corazon & Doflamingo. Also we are aware of Dressrosa discussion matters between Law and Joker.


We knew about the Trafalgar’s plan to take down SMILE factory in Punk Hazard, to go after and do the same in Dressrosa and stops the complete production of artificial zoan fruits to angry Kaido, which was a sort of revenge againts Doflamingo in the name of Cora-san memories. Then, Luffy completed the “vendetta” destroying Doffy’s glasses. After all, Law’s leitmotiv was killing Doflamingo since the begining.


So I have some questions related with the past, present and future of Law:

•What is the true Law’s motivation for keeping the alliance and taking down Kaido? It’s just because you join a Yonko or defeat one? Or there is something more we don’t know?


•Might Law feel he owes something to Luffy for what he helped to him in Dressrosa? What ways could he return the debt to Luffy including this war?

•Is Law interested of being a Yonko after the War at Wano?

•What is the personal meaning of the “D” for him?

I know there is a popular theory according to which Law will use the Ope Ope no Mi during Wano sacrificing himself for Luffy. I respect anyone who puts time and thought into a theory. I mean no disrespect when I say that there is 0 chance that this theory comes true.

Luffy criticized Big Mom because she wanted to use her daughter and marriage to become the Pirate King. If the only way Luffy could avoid death was for Law to die, Luffy would refuse it and choose death. If Law performed the procedure on Luffy without permission, Luffy would give up on becoming Pirate King. Luffy doesn’t care if he dies trying to achieve his dream. Luffy cares about how he achieves his dream. He was ready to give it up if Rayleigh told them anything about Laugh Tale. Luffy hates losing people more than anything. It would taint the journey for him. Losing a friend to become the Pirate King goes against the core of Luffy as a character.

Why I think that Law’s Dream is to become a Doctor

Corazon sacrificed himself so Law could finally be happy. I think Law put his real dream on hold so he could focus on killing Doflamingo. I think he is only going against Kaido to live up to his agreement with Luffy. When Kaido is defeated Law will be able to pursue his dream and live a happy life like Corazon wanted. Making the sacrifice worth it (Sengoku conversation).

Advanced Conqueror’s Haki – The Power to manipulate Nature

Blackbeard is going to take the Ancient Weapon Pluton