Is Aokiji related by blood to Brook?

Does anyone else think Kuzan and Brook are somehow related?

The similar facial and body structure is my premise. And to solidify my theory here is the childhood photos.

They both wear glasses with inverse colors. More interestingly, Kuzan didn’t start drinking until he was taught by Zephyr and yet in his childhood picture, he is seen holding a bottle of sake, a bag implying he is on a journey (a reference to delivering Bink’s sake) and an umbrella (the color, hooked part and slender body reminiscent of Brook’s walking stick). The explanation of Brook reaching into the underworld to use ice is Oda stretching, especially since Brook isn’t awakened, but I’m guessing it’s him establishing another similarity with Kuzan.

The validity of Brook being Kuzan’s father: Brook is 90 years old, Garp is 78 years, Roger died at 53 years old (24 years ago), Kuzan is 49 old.

Brook joined the Rumbar Pirates 52 years ago (age 38) and being Kuzan’s father meant Kuzan was conceived when Brook was 41, meaning the Rumbar Pirates should have existed for more than 3 years for him to have a kid before death. The age at which Brook met Laboon is vague and recorded as over 50 years ago and again, the year in which the Rumbar Pirates ended is vague (but that’s just Oda trying to hide the obvious).

Consequently, there is no record of the longevity of the Rumbar Pirates however Brook remembers Roger as a rookie. There is a 13 years gap between Brook and Roger meaning when Brook was a rookie at 38 (the Rumbar Pirates were still in West Blue), Roger was 25. Brook would have needed years of experience to call a 25 years old Roger a rookie.

Undeniably, it takes time depending of the level of a threat of any individual for a bounty to be issued and Brook’s 33 million bounty is proof and record of longevity that the Rumbar Pirates lasted for more than the 3 years required for Kuzan’s conception before Brook’s death. The bounty would be when Brook was in his early 40’s placing Roger in his late 20’s which is consistent with Garp being at least a marine captain in his early 30’s. There is a 12 year gap between Brook and Garp meaning when Brook was a rookie still in West Blue, Garp was 26. As stated, Brook’s 33 million bounty would have been issused in his early 40’s placing Garp in his early 30’s by which time Garp must have been at least a marine captain (42 years ago Garp was chasing Shakki).

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