Enma is the key to seriously damage Kaido


There are a lot of theories about Zoro’s involvement in the fight against Kaido.


I feel like most people generally agree Zoro will be important in the fight; however, the problem comes from those who take it too far saying “Zoro soloing Kaido” “ZKK!” “Luffy will assist Zoro in this fight.” And because of these fanatics, the Zoro engaging in the Kaido fight has become just completely annoying.


Now what will Zoro’s involvement be? I believe Zoro’s involvement will be reopening Kaido’s Scar. The Scabbards have come close, and personally I feel like Zoro could do it, with a caveat.


Enma as a blade is a really weird mechanic. It can shoot out so much haki, even more than the swordsman intends or can handle. Seeing this, Zoro doesn’t need to work on pushing himself higher rather, he needs to focus on holding back the sword because if he doesn’t he’ll drain himself. As I said it’s a cool mechanic that is pretty broken and unique.


However, what if Zoro doesn’t hold back? With a single swing Zoro drained just his arm and cut the coast line. Cool feat, not super impressive but cool starting. However, what if Zoro gave the blade more Haki than just his arms.

I believe we’ll get a scene of Zoro draining nearly his entire body’s Haki in order to reopen the scar of Kaido.

Following this, Luffy will come in and finish off Kaido with his own super attack before Kaido finishes off Zoro.

Where Luffy will do a strike of a similar but lesser scale but showing that he can continue fighting after using such a powerful technique while Zoro can not.

This will do 3 things.

  1. It’ll give Zoro his moment in Kaido’s arc that he’s been built to;
  2. Maintain the status quo of Luffy being stronger than Zoro while not minimizing Zoro’s importance;
  3. Show the power of Oden above all. Because Oden was able to do this with no visible Haki drain from his swords. And show Zoro how high he will need to reach to become World’s Strongest Swordsman.

Basically, Enma is the key. Enma is a shortcut similar to Gon vs Pitou where Gon sacrificed his life to defeat her, Enma gives Zoro the option of sacrificing his life to near death to impressively damage Kaido.

*Theory by GreenLanturn73

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