Tragic Twist in Onigashima!


In the final part of chapter 993 we see Kaido who appears to be down for the count and the Scabbards quickly move in to cut off his head.


Kaido praises their temerity and says he would not have resented losing his life to them. But their strength pales in comparison to Oden – and thus, the wounds he received were ultimately superficial.


In the previous chapter, Kaido seemed perplexed by their ability to inflict damage. Which is further highlighted this chapter when Kaido again says they’re far too weak to live up to Oden’s legacy.

The chapter closes on a dramatic note, as It seems Kiku completely lost her left arm, which really stands out here because Oda rarely depicts such grievous injury. Dismemberment isn’t usually Oda’s style. Oda doesn’t often kil characters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if her time is running out, along with other Scabbards.


The fleeting glimpse of victory from the previous chapter disappears and Kaido strikes back with a vengeance. The hope of Oden’s retainers claiming victory over Kaido was nothing but a dream.


Oden’s retainers have often been referred to as ghosts, displaced in time, haunting the imagination of Orochi for twenty years. Oden paid the price for their lives with his own.

They only survive as an extension of Oden’s will – to kill Kaido, liberate Wano, and open its borders for Joy Boy’s return.

I like the expressions Oda gave the Scabbards after Kaido got back up from their assault. They look so dejected. The samurai poured their hearts and souls into this act. To see it all crumbling down and that they came nowhere near taking Kaido out like Oden must be brutal. Even though they said they were resigned to their fates, I can’t imagine they felt things would end up being this hopeless. Oda communicates this well with Kin’emon, Kawamatsu and Ashura.

Luffy is nowhere close to the roof and I suspect in coming chapters, we’ll see more of the Scabbards fall.

The third act in Kabuki plays almost universally end in tragedy. The conclusion of this chapter pushes us closer to that moment.

Here’s the full theory on youtube:

*Theory by StrawHatJedi

Oda is going to deliver Chapter 1000 by the end of the year!

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