Why Luffy defeating Kaido and surpassing him now is crucial to the Story!


These days in the fanbase, there has been a great increase of Luffy underestimation, and his importance to HIS story. A lot of people are confused and are expecting others to defeat the Yonko Luffy is after which is ridiculous. It is like all the 8+years worth of set for this moment is nonexistent to them.


One day I see statements like “the Scabbards need to defeat Kaido more than Luffy” like Luffy is some side character that has no reason to be here. Or “Zoro needs to defeat him” like Zoro is not Luffy’s subordinate.


Or “Eustass Kid needs to defeat Kaido, luffy can sit back” like this is not Luffy’s story. Or “Yamato needs to defeat Kaido” which is just truly delusional to think a newly introduced character will be significant enough to override all the 8+ years of build up for this Luffy vs Kaido fight.


So today let’s go over why it is CRUCIAL for Luffy to defeat the foe he is after.

What it means to become Pirate King to Luffy.

First let’s cover why this is a HUGE turning point in the entire story for Luffy and his journey to become Pirate King. The Yonkos are the biggest foes and rivals he needs to overcome in order to become the Pirate King.


A huge part in becoming the Pirate King for Luffy, is surpassing the foes that are infront of his freedom. Sometimes I hear statements on how he will not overcome the Yonkos which is truly baseless. Luffy needs to surpass these Emperors or else he can never be free. To be free you also need to be stronger than anyone that can take your freedom away. Just like Luffy has said multiple times, I need to surpass the emperors and defeat them in order to go on to become the Pirate King.

Some people might say, “oh how stupid of you, do you think he will defeat all the Yonkos and Admirals?”

This is a statement I hear a lot, and the obvious answer is no, but to think that Luffy will not even defeat the first Yonkos he has been after this entire saga and the entirety of the New World is very ridiculous, which brings us to the next point. Luffy has made it clear that he is after Kaido.

Countless times Luffy has reminded us that he is here to defeat Kaido, and has a lot of reasons to do so. Since the start of the New World, Luffy had his eyes on becoming the Pirate King. Knowing about the Emperors and seeing Whitebeard in the Marineford war, Luffy knew he needs to overcome these foes.

Kaido has become his first target, numerous times since the start of the New World, it has been reminded to us that Kaido has been the main antagonist of the biggest saga in One Piece. Luffy has promised Momonosuke a little boy who cried and begged for his aid, that he will avenge for him, and liberate Wano.

Kaido is way more powerful than we thought!

Latest Chapter suggests that Zoro will be the one who will surpass Oden!