Nami’s Amazing Character Development in Wano

In the last chapter, Nami was offered a chance to be spared. None of her crewmates would hold it against her for trying to save her hide with a white lie, but her faith and devotion to Luffy are greater than her own life.

We really need to talk about how incredible of a moment this is for Nami’s character development. Because this was one of the most impressive displays of putting your life on the line I’ve seen in a story filled with that theme.

Nami started the story as a pragmatist who couldn’t even put faith in Luffy to save her, much less put her own life on the line for what mattered. But she grew. During Alabasta, she fought Miss Doublefinger, recognizing that it was on her to fight alongside the rest. During Skypiea, she truly understood the meaning of putting her life on the line, proudly declaring herself on Luffy’s side rather than give in to Enel and pretend to work for him just to live.

Since then, she’s only gotten stronger of character. But this was a new level of it. She didn’t just have her life in the hands of an enemy in battle — she had to make a choice. Simply say a set of words, and live. Or put her faith in Luffy, not just to fight, not even to save her from the predicament she was in, but to simply believe that Luffy will become the Pirate King no matter what. And she was willing to put her life on the line for that. Not just risk it, but face seemingly certain death.

When a person faces death you will see their true nature. After re reading the chapter I appreciated the Nami scene a lot more. Nami came face to face with death and still had the guts to declare her captain as the man who will be Pirate King. Even though she was so scared of dying that she was crying, her true nature was shown in this chapter.

I’m sure all the Straw Hats would do the same but it was great to see one of the more cowardly Straw Hats do it. She might have had a pathetic showing combat wise in this fight but this was truthfully one of Nami’s best moments in One Piece.

*by potentialPizza

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