Does Chapter 955 confirm Sanji vs Queen match-up?

In Chapter 995 we see Queen is surprised that Sanji, the son of Vinsmoke Judge, is part of Luffy’s crew. This implies there may be some connection between Queen and Judge.

Just as Caesar Clown was conducting research for both Kaido and Big Mom, it would make sense for Germa to have contacts throughout the New World. I wonder if the Queen’s biological weapons are in any way related to Germa’s technology.

So there is a hidden on-going side story line about scientists in New World. Since Vegapunk, Caesar and Judge worked together in the past, Queen may also be involved in history with these people.

Speaking of Queen, seems Oda is setting up for his eventual clash with Sanji, whilst revealing this interesting new plotpoint between Queen and Germa.

I wonder what kind of relationship Queen and Judge have had. Either way, it makes the prospective Sanji vs Queen battle, one I’ve advocated since the start, even more intriguing than a simple “Sanji fights the 3rd guy.”
This by extension would flesh out Sanji’s character arc even more which is always welcome. All the more reason to think Sanji will be pivotal in taking Queen down.

And last but not least, we once again have Oda being a massive troll, and adding fuel to the fire for all the Zoro vs Sanji debates. At this point, he’s doing it on purpose. He has Queen call them the second and third best fighters in the crew, but leaves it completely ambiguous as to who Queen is referring to.

On one side of the fandom, they could argue Queen mentions Zoro first, and Sanji second, so Zoro = the second and Sanji = the third, and on the other side of the fandom they could argue that the only thing Queen has to base this assumption off of is their bounty posters, and with Sanji’s being on the left and Zoro’s being on the right, with Sanji’s bounty slightly higher, then it means Sanji = second and Zoro = third.

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