Why Perospero is going to betray Big Mom

In chapter 995 Big Mom blatantly leaves Perospero alone against 2 Sulong Minks and Marco the Phoenix. If that isn’t abandonment I don’t know what it is.

I was thinking about Jack getting his ass kicked for the 4th time in a row. Kaido instinctively jumps in front of him to protect him, commending him on his efforts and calling him an irreplaceable asset.

Perospero acts extremely competent, he leads Marco the Phoenix to Big Mom and nearly kills him, after commanding the ship after Big Mom went overboard and making his way to her and getting an update.

And after all the good things he did in Whole Cake Island even after losing an arm, Big Mom literally leaves him to his death on a 3v1 against Marco and 2 Sulong Minks on a revenge quest for no reason and without a hint of hesitation.

Leaving Perospero to deal with three strong opponents on his own was a bad move from Big Mom in my opinion.
We can say that she knows that Perospero can potentially die fighting them, still she left him on his own.
This can lead Perospero to betray Big Mom at some point in the story.

Perospero has openly declared the ambition to lead the Big Mom Pirates in the event of her assumed death, something he was willing to accept much more eagerly than others. He knows what Big Mom is about, but this war is chaotic already. He might do something. Especially with his sinister nature. He seems to get enjoyment out of psychologically torturing people. He did it to Pedro, showing genuine interest in his crew and also mocking his imminent death later on. Did it to the Vinsmokes. Did it to Marco here. People like that can strike at anyone, including their allies. If Carrot and Wanda doesn’t kill him before he gets the chance to.

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