The Four Chinese Mythological Creatures in Wano

I wouldn’t be surprised if the four symbols of the Chinese constellations appear in Wano.

So far we have two that are very clearly depicted.

Kaido representing the Azure Dragon. Also representing the new Yang. He represents masculinity, dominance, aggression.

Marco representing the Vermilion Bird, also known as Suzaku, translates into Phoenix in English. Representing the old Yang. Aka the Whitebeard Pirates that used to be the ruler of the seas. But power shifted once Whitebeard died, over to the Beasts Pirates.

The next two are the White Tiger and the Black Tortoise.

Given the most recent chapter in One Piece, I think Yamato is going to represent the mythical White Tiger or Byakko.

Yamato’s ideology is the opposite from her father, and Byakko is represented by the new Yin. Furthermore Byakko is known as the protector diety. As of now Yamato’s primary purpose in the story is to protect the old ways of Wano through Oden’s will, which manifests itself as the direct bodyguard of Momonosuke.

Finally would be the Black Tortoise (Genbu) representing the old Yin. I have not a clue who this would be but would probably be someone from the previous generation, who may appear in upcoming chapters. Maybe they will share similar ideological characteristics to Yamato. A clue would be that the black tortoise represents long lasting life, fertility, and wisdom of the universe.

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