Nico Robin’s Dark Humor

  • While the Straw Hats are looking for Nami, Chopper and Usopp at Thriller Bark, Robin says that they are not even able to hear their voices anymore, wondering if they were strangled.
  • While searching for a way to reach Fishman Island in the Shark Submerge III, Robin, Luffy and Brook encounter a giant sea monster that attacks them which resulted in Robin amusingly commenting on his big mouth that could swallow them instead of worrying about the situation.
  • While the other crew members commented on Sanji’s bizarre luck in reaction to Duval’s face, Robin quipped that he would certainly have an interesting death one day.
  • When Luffy’s group went out to beat the kraken and lost their way back to the ship she mildly commented, that hopefully they would not be ripped to shreds by some monster.
  • As Noah approached the battlefield between Straw Hat Pirates and New Fishman Pirates, she wondered whether the ocean would be dyed red if everyone was smashed by it.
  • When Robin heard the news that Nami, Franky, Sanji and Chopper were kidnapped by some mysterious men with rifles, she seemed concerned if they were already shot and had multiple holes in their body.
  • While riding on Brownbeard with Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Brook, she commented that it’d be nice if Nami and the others’ arms and legs have not came off from frostbite.
  • When Usopp asked what had fallen, as the group was making its way up the left hind leg of Zunisha to get to the top, Robin said that it looked like a person that was bleeding with knives sticking out of him.
  • When Usopp saw Wanda wear Nami’s clothes and asked for her whereabouts, Robin wondered if the Mink Tribe has a taste for human flesh.
  • When Wanda insinuiated that the other Straw Hats and company had been slaughtered and their bodies were in a forest in Zou, Robin concluded that because their remains were intact it meant they weren’t used for sustenance.
  • When Jinbe destroys an enemy ship at Wano, Robin states they could be targeted by the ghost of babies who died at sea.
  • While she was posing as a member of the Beasts Pirates, Robin acted like she wanted to rip out Momonosuke’s eyes.

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