Chapter 1000 will be released on January 4th 2021!

One Piece 1000th chapter will be, with lead color, publishing in the upcoming Weekly Shounen Jump issue 5/6 (2021) out January 4, 2021.

What do you think is going to happen in Chapter 1000?

I have a few predictions:

  • First scenario: Act 3 ends on Chapter 998/999 with Luffy potentially finding the defeated/killed Scabbards after climbing up the floors and reaching the roof;
  • Second scenario: Transition ‘arc’ begins on Chapter 999/1000 (like the Reverie arc and post-Reverie arc);
  • Third scenario: We get info about SSG, the Reverie, Hancock-Koby meeting (and fan-girling over Luffy) at the start of it;
  • Fourth scenario: We get the introduction in the present timeline of a major character. Remember Chapter 1 introduced Gol D. Roger, Chapter 100 introduced Monkey D. Dragon, Chapter 500 introduced Silvers Rayleigh… So I believe it could be Vegapunk (relating to both the SSG and maybe the kids from Punk Hazard);
  • Last scenario: We get the start of Arc 4 and Kaido’s flashback.

*by Fragrant_Confection

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