Momonosuke will be the one who will save Wano from Onigashima


So Kaido flies by creating clouds and moving on them.


Confirmed by Oda in the Volume 93 SBS

D: When Kaido turned into a dragon, did he like float in the air?

O: Heard dragons can fly in the sky by using the clouds, so Kaido’s doing that by generating his own clouds and then walking from cloud to cloud. Does that make sense?

He’s now doing the same thing with Onigashima. Creating clouds and using them to move the island.


And Momonosuke has shown a similar power in Punk Hazard.


The problem is that Momosuke can’t control his ability.


And is living in the shadows of his father.

So, how do you catch two birds with one stone? How to pull Momonosuke out of the shadow of his father and leveling him up to show that he will be a worthy Shogun in the future?

Easy, if Kaido tries to drop Onigashima on the Flower Capital killing all the citizen then you make Momonosuke stop Onigashima’s fall by using the same dragon power.

What do you think?

*Theory by Patryipe

In Chapter 997 Kaido showed us the greatest feat in the whole series?

Misuse of the term “One Shot” after Chapter 997