The New Generation of Pirates who will lead the World


As we have seen in Chapter 1000 Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid, and Killer have reached the roof and are facing Kaido and Big Mom.


That giant spread of the Supernovas vs the Emperors was spicy. That one picture encapsulates the timeskip saga up until now.



Luffy. The main man, planned to take out the Emperors to come closer to his ultimate dream of Pirate King. It started by defying Linlin, something no one on Fishman Island dared to do.


His claim to take them out materialized further when he teamed up with Law. Quickly, the two became world wide partners, toppling Doflamingo and his underworld organization and destroying Caesar’s manufacturings. This caught the attention of Kaido who still didn’t take these brats seriously.


Luffy not only faces Kaido (and Linlin) for his dream, but to also liberate the home of the friends he’s made. Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Hyogoro, and more. Luffy is the outsider who has garnered the trust and belief of people who were untrusting of the world beyond their borders.

His resolve to rescuing Wano strengthened when learning young children like Tama can’t even eat whenever they want.

After a crushing defeat at the hands of Kaido, Luffy now stands against him, armed with the power he unlocked through the support of the Samurai that were once untrusting of outsiders.

He brings the world together in a way no one else can.

Shifting to Yamato and Ace’s conversation, it’s clear whatever Luffy and Roger said was monumental. So much so, most people would laugh at the proposition. Something even more ludicrous than becoming Pirate King. That can be covered in another day, but I can’t help but think it’s related to Luffy’s ability to bring people together.

Think about it, possibly the last big destination before Laugh Tale is a xenophobic, isolated nation, and you have someone with the charisma to touch people’s hearts. In the real world, we’re are all divided, just as how the One Piece world is divided into sections. Literally.

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