The New Generation of Pirates who will lead the World




Zoro, Luffy’s partner, is also there, and Oda’s been building up his involvement in this battle even before the timeskip. When Zoro defeated zombie Ryuma, he retrieved Shusui and returned it to the country. Its absence was compared to a bad omen befalling the country, as Kaido and Orochi took on power and deteriorated the lands of its food, natural resources, and warriors.


Wano was a land of powerful and revered Samurai due to the legacy of Ryuma and its warriors upholding it, but we see now with all the Samurai either defeated or having to depend on Pirates. Zoro, whom’s backstory is teased, stands as both a Strawhat Pirate and a bred, possibly born, Samurai of Wano fighting to save the country and reclaim the honor that’s been lost.



Kid and Killer have had a journey that mirrored Luffy’s and Zoro’s. They both entered the New World with the intent of defeating the Emperors, and to do that they formed alliances.


Though it didn’t go too well, and only hardship has befallen them; from imprisonment, betrayal, humiliation, misrepresentation (Caribou). Their reason for being here is retribution. Can they prove the world wrong and cement themselves as part of the big leagues? Whatever happens, Kid and Killer are going to contribute in the world’s further destabilization. They do so for their own sake as next gen pirates.


And lastly, Law was the originator of the whole operation vs Kaido. His first plan was to defeat Doflamingo and stop his distribution. He also made the first declaration that the era was shifting and that his generation will overtake the old that has grown stagnant.

All in all, Chapter 1000 is the beginning of the narrative payoff for what’s been building for almost a whole decade and more. That’s what this chapter represents, and it’s a huge achievement. The level of investment and plotting Oda’s crafted is nigh unrivaled in the Manga world.

Thank you, Oda.

*Theory by KiriNigiri

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