Top 20 Characters Chapters 1 to 1000 – Ranked by Number of Chapter Appearances


To celebrate chapter 1000, StrawHatJedi made a bar chart race video showing the top 20 One Piece characters for the first thousand chapters!


He collected the data over several months last year. There’s a full ranked list at the end of the video of all 928 named characters (to date).


He included:

  • Regular chapter appearances
  • Cover Story Arc appearances
  • Flashback Appearances
  • Silhouetted Appearances

He did not include:

  • Animal Theater Covers
  • Color Covers

Watch here the full video on youtube:

Chapter 1000 shows that Luffy is finally able to defeat Kaido in 1 vs 1!

Did you notice the Reference to Chapter 601 in the recent Chapter 1000?