The Special Ability of Sanji that enhances the Raid Suit Invisibility


Do you remember when Sanji said “out of all the Straw Hat Pirates, I am the most dangerous one in the crew” or something like it, fans have assumed that it had to do with Sanji being a prince of Germa. Well what if that idea is wrong and that there is more to that declaration.


Sanji has always wanted to be invisible, it was his dream to be the invisible man. At first we assumed that he wanted to be invisible so he can peep, but we later on find out that he wanted to be invisible in the eyes of his abusive family.


For the most part of One Piece Sanji has managed to stay “invisible” in the story. Invisible as he’s able to not be recognized like in Alabasta: Crocodile and Sanji never even met each other. Or when Sanji got his first bounty poster and it was a drawn photo. Sanji doesn’t have the ability to turn invisible, Sanji being “invisible” is metaphor for him always doing something in the shadows.


Now what if that ability of always being undetected manifested into his Haki? As we know Haki can be tied to will or spirit, having the willpower to go “invisible”. We know that Sanji has the best Observation Haki among the Straw Hats (maybe second only to Luffy because of future sight) and we know that’s his specialty.

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We also know that Sanji during the time-skip spent the two years running, hiding and clashing with the Okama Kenpo masters trying to steal the 99 recipes from them.

What if Sanji was able to conceal his presence or Haki so he wouldn’t be detected, because there would be a time where Sanji will be too fatigued to run or skywalk, so his other option would be to hide. I’m sure that Ivankov trained Sanji in how to use Haki. So when Sanji is hiding somewhere not trying to be detected his Haki bloomed, thus making him able to conceal himself.

Now on to why I think Sanji will be the most dangerous one on the crew. Sanji now has the raid suit which can turn him invisible, and in chapter 988 when Sanji saved Momonosuke, Sanji was listening to Momonoduke’s speech for awhile.. he was standing next King and Queen for awhile and was able to not be detected.

Sanji can go on stealth missions and be a secret agent for the Straw Hats and his job can be to retrieve something or to save someone. I do see Sanji clashing against the CP-0 members especially Rob Lucci (the movie One Piece: Stampede was probably teasing it but who knows).

Being invisible and moving hella fast is overpowered as hell, and this can be a great plot mechanic to have Sanji be anywhere at anytime, and make a cool entrance at the last moment.

What do you think?

*Theory by Initial_Space1001

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