Mindblowing Connection between Weevil and Hogback/Moria

Weevil has similar body shape to Oars. He has similar mane-like hairstyle. His moustache looks similar to horns. Both have an underbite.

Weevil possesses a weapon very similar to Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri which was left at his grave.

As we know, Moria and Hogback have a history of grave robbing weapons.

Furthermore, stitches on Weevil’s face are similar to those of Hogback and his zombies.

Also Weevil’s left arm seems to have been severed and is significantly skinnier than his right arm.

And his irregularly colored lips are somewhat similar to Hogback and Moria.

The name “Weevil” itself may imply that he has been woven together.

*Theory by Chriscftb97

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