The 11th Member of the Straw Hat Pirates


There are some parallels between the female Straw Hats and Yamato that support the theory according to which Yamato is destined to become the next Nakama.

  • 1-The second recruit of each region:

Nami : East Blue

Robin : Paradise

Yamato : New World

  • 2-Introduce themselves on higher elevation while looking below at Luffy

Nami : roof

Robin : railing of the Going Merry

Yamato : ceiling (and she’s taller)

  • 3-They needed to convince Luffy to join first

Nami : ask to partner

Robin : invite herself in

Yamato : request to board the ship

  • 4-They’re related to other crews who are the main antagonist of an arc

Nami : Arlong Pirates

Robin : Baroque Works

Yamato : Beasts Pirates

  • 5-They experienced a great conflict at a young age related to their hometown

Nami : village domination

Robin : Ohara incident

Yamato : Wano coup

  • 6-Luffy helps overcome their burden related to their past

Nami : wrecks her maps & defeating Arlong

Robin : survived Buster Call & declares war against World Government

Yamato : destroy her shackles & defeating Kaido

  • 7-Their dreams are inspired by & related to paper-based work

Nami : maps

Robin : books

Yamato : journal

  • 8-Their dreams require them to explore the world

Nami : draws world maps

Robin : searching for Poneglyphs & true history

Yamato : going out & experience the outside world

  • 9-Linked to the concept of freedom & liberation

Nami : freeing the village out of invader’s occupation

Robin : dubbed as the Flame of Revolution

Yamato : free herself from her caged & oppressed life

*Theory by langitbarat

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