Shanks will show up in Chapter 1004?

On the occasion of the Jump Festa ’21 stage dedicated to One Piece, Oda left a long message to his fans, preparing them well for the arrival of Chapter 1000. He also said:

“Then in 2021 we’ll have another special year with volume 100!

About the manga story itself, as new info will that person move a bit-? The man with red hair…!!”

I personally believe Act 3 of Wano will end on a tragedy in a shocking fashion in the next few chapters … right now Kaido looks too confident to be defeated and the Supernovas will take a crushing defeat which will end the Act 3 at chapter 1003

It follows the pattern :

– 909-924 (Act 1 = 15 Chapters)
– 925-955 (Act 2 = 30 Chapters)
– 958-1003 (Act 3 = 45 Chapters)

Volume 100 which has been hyped by Oda in the Jump Festa message as well which starts at 1004 and it will be the first Interlude Chapter and in my opionon with the way Oda has set it up I think we’re gonna get full 10 chapters of Interlude focusing on Shanks and his move starting from 1004 to 1015.

Especially with the recent chapter in 1001 where Oda hyped up Shanks again and put him among the Legends , this is the time to pan to him and focus the story on him.

The teasing is 23 years long. Shanks has to shine, in some ways, maybe we’ll have a plot twist explaining all this “only because is you” thing (World Government dog, many say), probably we’ll se him doing what he always does, stopping others from making bloodbaths or targeting “that pirate”.

*by Rocks D. Buggy

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