Oda drew the Map of Wano as the Map of Human Brain!


I just found out that the map of Wano resembles a map of a brain.


Brain mapping is a set of neuroscience techniques predicated on the mapping of (biological) quantities or properties onto spatial representations of the (human or non-human) brain resulting in maps. “Hapu Port” is the connection of the brain stem, where the reptilian brain is.


The Invader Kaido (from the brain stem part of the brain) is trying to control the center. Kaido and his crew represent reptiles (dinosaursdragon (Kaido) and Orochi with the Snake-Snake Fruit) and Onigashima represents a part of the reptilian brain.


“Almost as if Oda through Oden wanted to open the mind (Wano) before the Beastly Nature of the human mind (reptilian brain) takes over.”

Oden was born into the limbic brain responsible for emotions – The Flower Capital. Oden brought Kuri (the Prefontal Cortex) , which was in disorder, under his rule. Dressrosa already showed the symbolic connection of a human organ – the heart- into the story.


“Dressrosa arc was about freeing one’s caged heart.”

Corazon(Doflamingo’s killed brother) means Heart in spanish, Law was leader of the Heart Pirates.

I guess the Whole cake island arc was freeing one’s soul. Wano arc is about open-mindedness (Freedom of mind/brain).

The old memories of the prisoners who resisted Kaido and Orochi once reside now in the Udon Prison Mine (the Temporal Lobe is responsible for Long term Memory).

The Old Memories of the legend of Oden where revived again in Kozuki Momonosuke, who showed up in the mine. Okobore Town and Kuri are a poisoned waste land, and its inhabitants are unable to show emotions, representing an unhealthy brain state.

*Theory by snake_case_name

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