Big Mom is the most dangerous person on the Wano battlefield!


Big Mom is really underrated. She fought Kaido to a standstill with no injuries on either side, she can fight on land or air, and has some of the best feats in series. The strength Big Mom demonstrated at 5 y/o on Elbaf puts what Oden was showing at 18 y/o in Wano to shame.


An extremely strong and proud pirate like Katakuri fears her and Big Mom threw Queen around in his ancient zoan form without using her devil fruit powers and while having amnesia (so not remembering any of her fighting experience at the time). Commanders aren’t even a good warmup for her. This was further emphasized when Luffy in his Gear 4 form couldn’t even budge Big Mom on Whole Cake Island but could rocket Katakuri away when those same punches landed on him in the same arc.


She can also one-shot strong opponents if they have fear in their hearts like most people do and has access to two different elements normally exclusive to the holders of highly elusive devil fruits, the Mera Mera no Mi and the Goro Goro no Mi. Sure, she can’t transform into those elements but the best reason to do so is for intangibility and immunity from non-Haki infused physical harm. She’s already nigh-invulnerable to most damage from any source so that’s a non-issue for her anyway.


Oh yeah, her hat can transform into several different weapons where she can launch air slashes strong enough to kill grown men from far away and that she has enough skill and strength to directly match Kaido with while he was using his trademark club, which no other fighter has been shown to do on-screen before. Not even Oden accomplished this on-screen when he fought with Kaido although he possibly could have.


Furthermore, we know that Gol D. Roger swiped a Poneglyph copy from under her nose instead of using a direct approach tactic. Garp described Roger as headstrong and extremely violent if he was antagonized. Seems like the exact type of person who would be up for a good fight.

Now I’m not saying Roger couldn’t have won at the time and maybe he was just pragmatic enough to avoid an unnecessary fight with a strong opponent but it’s interesting to note that if that was the case then even Roger recognized Big Mom’s strength.

Big Mom is actually the most dangerous person on the battlefield

  1. She’s known for her spies and her intelligence network
  2. She was able to discern how strong Zoro with Enma is before Kaido
  3. She can knock out Queen without her devil fruit
  4. Gol D. Roger avoided fighting her head on

I believe Oda is putting the Big Mom “Shocked Face” for a reason.

I think slowly, she’s realizing the Alliance has the capability of beating Kaido. But they’ll need a push.

Much like Squardo, I think we’ll see a betrayal that’ll turn the tides of this war. Betrayal, Pirate Alliances have been highlighted by Oda heavily. We won’t go this Arc without a giant betrayal (not counting Kanjuro).

Big Mom will eventually leave a deathly blow on Kaido.


  1. She’ll remove the Strongest Creature in the World from her path of being the Queen of Pirates
  2. With Kaido critically injured, she can steal his Poneglyph
  3. She’ll go after the Poneglyphs after injuring Kaido, while the Alliance will give Kaido the final blo
  4. She’ll come back after Kaido’s death, to destroy the already exhausted Alliance

Big Mom is seeing what her best options are. When she realizes the Alliance has the capability of beating Kaido, she’ll put Napoleon through Kaido’s heart.

It won’t even be close to killing Kaido, much like Whitebeard. But it’ll be the catalyst for victory.

*by tridentwhite20/_HungryGhosts_

Zoro is going to fight Hybrid Kaido alone until Luffy recovers!

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