Mindblowing Connection between Zoro’s Father and Luffy’s Father!


It is pretty much undeniable that Shimotsuki Ushimaru is, quite literally, the spitting image of Roronoa Zoro.
He’s what Zoro would look like if he was shown in a silhouette form.


Zoro is also, quite literally, the spitting image of Shimotsuki Ryuma.


Ryuma and Zoro even shared the same ambition.
They both wanted to fight the strongest swordsman.


They were also both blamed for crimes that they didn’t commit:
-Ryuma blamed for summoning a dragon
-Zoro blamed for street murders in Wano


At this point, it’s pretty much clear and in our faces.
If Zoro is from Wano, he is 99% a member of the Shimotsuki Family and his father is Shimotsuki Ushimaru.
The man who died 18 years ago, even the timeline fits perfectly.


The reason why Dragon knew of Shimotsuki Village and Koushirou is because he had visited the village before.
Specifically 18 years ago when he took Zoro from Wano to Shimotsuki Village in the East Blue.

Dragon became acquainted with Ushimaru during his time seeking knowledge in Wano.
That is why he has a tattoo that strongly resembles the symbols on Ryuma’s kimono.
Because Ushimaru told Dragon of his legendary ancestor and the family’s ties to the Void Century.

There are TWO ways Dragon’s tattoo can be explained:

1. Dragon began to admire the man who protected his country against the tyrants that are the World Government. So he got a tattoo of the symbol that Ryuma proudly wore on his kimono.

2. There is a secret meaning behind this symbol that Ushimaru shared with Dragon. Something connected to the Void Century. Dragon tattoo’d the symbol on his face after his quest to Wano where he found the knowledge he seeked.

Everything I’ve said boils down to this:

1. Zoro was born in Wano 21 years ago, his father is Shimotsuki Ushimaru.
2. Dragon ventured to Wano to seek knowledge sometime around 18 years ago, where he became acquainted with Shimotsuki Ushimaru.
3. The Daimyo’s began to plan their rebellion.
4. Ushimaru entrusted his friend, Monkey D. Dragon, with the job of taking his son to safety by delivering him to the family’s village in the East Blue.
5. Zoro was made to take up a new name so that the burden of the family doesn’t follow him and prove detrimental to his safety.

Luffy and Zoro really are brothers through and through. Even their fathers were connected.

Please let me know what you guys think of this theory.

*Theory by Aofiji

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